Becoming a ballerina is a journey that requires dedication, discipline, and passion for the art of ballet. This guide outlines the steps for aspiring dancers aiming to become professional ballerinas.

Day 1

Palle Alone in the World by
Astrid Henning-Jensen - Denmark -  1949
A young boy wakes up to find everyone’s gone, so he can drive trams and do whatever he wants. Life is one big train set.

Day 2

Paddle to the Sea by Bill Mason 
Canada - 1966
A boy carves a toy boat paddled by a native Canadian. He puts it in a river and we watch its epic journey to the ocean.

Day 3

The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant
Germany - 1972

The two women loll and bludgeon each other. Irm Hermann is unforgettable as the slave-assistant. The Platters’ ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’ makes it dreamlike. One of the great films about body language and camera movement

Day 4

All about Eve by Joseph Mankiewicz
USA - 1950
Triple distilled dialogue, oceans of spleen. The world turns on its head. Fasten your seatbelts…Writer/director Joseph Mankiewicz takes us on one of late Hollywood’s greatest white knuckle rides.

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Day 5-7

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